Why Vaccines Are Important: A Plea Against Vaccinophobia


The increasing distrust in vaccinations has triggered an extensive scientific and public debate over whether or not it is useful, safe and ethical to vaccinate children today. “Unfortunately, vaccines have now become a victim of their own success”, says Paul A. Offit, who wrote the foreword for Andrea Grignolio’s book Vaccines: Are they Worth a Shot?

Thanks to vaccinations, a large number of deadly diseases have successful been eradicated. As the public becomes more concerned about the alleged side effects of vaccines such as allergic reactions or autism, as well as their ethical implications, we may even ask ourselves whether vaccinations are still necessary.

This book uses science to dispel false myths, ideologies and preconceptions about vaccines. Grignolio gives a historical overview of Anti-vaccination movements and then goes on to uncover errors in vaccine opponents’ reasoning. In doing so, he concludes that a greater awareness of science will help the general public overcome its fear of vaccines.

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