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NATO Agrees On Locaction Of Patriot Missile Deployments In Turkey


The three NATO Allies which have agreed to provide Patriot missiles to augment Turkey’s air defences – Germany, the Netherlands and the United States – have agreed on the locations where the batteries will be deployed, according to a statement released by NATO.


According to NATO, the location was decided jointly with Turkey as the host nation and in close coordination with the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, following a military assessment by the Allies involved and NATO’s Military Authorities.


Germany, the Netherlands and the United States have offered to provide two Patriot batteries each. Germany will deploy its batteries to Kahramanmaras, the Netherlands will deploy its batteries to Adana, and the United States will deploy its batteries to Gaziantep, said NATO.

According to NATO, the deployment, which will take place over the next few weeks, will be defensive only.

“It will not support a no-fly zone or any offensive operation. Its aim is to deter any threats to Turkey, to defend Turkey’s population and territory and to de-escalate the crisis on NATO’s south-eastern border,” NATO said.


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