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Iran: IRGC Flies Suicide Drones In Drill


Suicide drones blew up targets during a large-scale war game that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has launched in southern Iran.


In the final stage of ‘Payambar-e Azam 17 (The Great Prophet)’ exercise, underway along Iran’s southern coasts, the IRGC Ground Force flew various combat and reconnaissance drones over the drill zone.

The suicide UAVs that have been recently supplied to the IRGC Ground Force detonated a number of targets on Wednesday.

Moreover, the Mohajer-6 drones hit the targets with smart ‘Qaem’ bombs with pinpoint accuracy.

In another part of the drill, the Saberin Special Forces brigade practiced amphibious warfare tactics.

An aerial assault operation was also carried out using the helicopters of the IRGC Ground Force’ Airborne Division, including Cobra attack choppers, Mil Mi-17 , and Toofun (hurricane).


The ongoing war game covers the coastlines of the southern provinces of Hormozgan, Bushehr and Khuzestan.

In comments on Wednesday, IRGC Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said the assault and combat drones in possession of the IRGC are capable of targeting any place and destroying any target.

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