French Government Honors Lulzim Tafa With Prestigious Order Of ‘Officer Of Arts And Letters’


The French Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, has officially approved the decree conferring the esteemed title of “Officer of Arts and Letters” upon the celebrated poet from Kosovo, Lulzim Tafa. This distinction, the highest accolade in the realm of arts and literature bestowed by the French government, marks a historic moment as the most prestigious recognition ever granted by France to an artist or writer from Kosovo. The award underscores France’s tradition of honoring outstanding figures, both French and international, for their noteworthy contributions to the arts and literature.

Ambassador of France to Kosovo Mr. Olivier Guérot presented the decoration to Poet Tafa on behalf of the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

Lulzim Tafa, a globally acclaimed poet from Kosovo, has achieved widespread recognition with his works translated into approximately thirty languages. Renowned by literary critics worldwide, he is hailed as a leading postmodernist poet in Europe. His literary footprint extends to France, where readers are familiar with his impactful body of work.

Beyond his literary prowess, Lulzim Tafa has recently gained prominence for his commitment to promoting peace through art. His notable poem, “Speak with Russian Poets,” garnered attention even before the outbreak of the Ukraine war. Tafa’s efforts to communicate with Russian artists and writers through heartfelt letters, urging them to influence policies to avert conflict, have not gone unnoticed.

In recognition of his anti-war initiatives conveyed through poetry, Lulzim Tafa has been honored by various cultural and educational institutions in Ukraine. Additionally, the Patriarch of Ukraine, Patriarch Filaret, bestowed upon him the esteemed “Order of Saint Yuri the Victorious” as a testament to his dedication to peace.

Prof. Dr. Jeton Kelmendi

Prof. Dr. Jeton Kelmendi is a distinguished Albanian writer and University Professor in Kosovo and a political analyst. Kelmendi is the author of over thirty books, poetry and prose, published in over thirty languages.

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