India: A Gangster State – OpEd


Upper-caste of Caste Hindus in Indian State of Haryana have gone on a rampage to coerce the India Government into submitting to their Caste demands regarding specific job quotas. About 10 million citizens in India are without water as Jaats, an upper-caste Hindu community who went on destroying private and public property have today besieged one of the main water supply canal to Delhi, depriving millions of drinking water. After days of social terrorism committed by Jaats, the Indian government has agreed to accept their Caste derived demands.  The submission of a government that claims to be democratic to the demands of Caste Hindu mobsters is a characteristic hallmark of Caste remaining legal in India.

The Indian press doing its “due diligence” has described the organized plunder and destruction by Hindu mobs as “protest” whereas legitimate protest by India’s Aborigines, Untouchables, Sikhs and Muslims is dishonestly described as sedition and terrorism. Managed disinformation is considered nationalism and journalism.  All decent human morality is perverted to sanitize uncivilized criminal behavior of mobsters.

This is however not the first time Indian government has shown its compliance towards Caste Hindu terrorism since the Constitution itself allows shameless domination of Caste Hindu Supremacism, presenting itself a mockery of democracy. Recognizing rights to Cows, Monkeys and upper-caste Hindus, the Constitution rejects natural rights entitled to all humans. Rights in India are not derived from human entitlement, but from Hindu ordained Caste. Minorities are persecuted whereas Cows and Monkeys are legally protected. In some cases you could do hard time for 10 years for simply eating the sacred Cow, but if not if devotional mass slaughter of Cows is practiced to please the Hindu goddess. That’s perfectly permissible.

On the other hand, Police state viciousness and torture against non-Hindus is the policy. Ruthless lawlessness is justified as a form of governance. A delusional form of Indian Nationalism is practiced as Hindu Supremacism. Whoever questions Hindu Supremacism is tortured, locked up and thrown in unlawful Indian gulags, without trial or due process.

In 2002, the UN Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination recommendations included the Caste as a form of racism based on descent however, the Indian government rejected Caste a practice of racism based on descent. India remains complicit towards racist preservation of Castehood. India rejects the definition of racism adopted by the UN. Racism is the official state policy of Caste India.

For 2000 years, the Hindu Castehood has produced systematic terrorism and brutalized Indians to enslave them. Brutal Hindu Scriptures that openly condone and call for rape, genocide, sexual slavery and torture of “Avarnas,” “Acchutas,” “Impure races” and “Untouchables” are practiced as despicable religiosity. It is no wonder Caste India fails to responsibly prosecute these Caste crimes as crimes against humanity, let alone crimes based on hatred and racism making it a major human rights violator, a legal practitioner of Caste, a belligerent to natural human rights in every sense.

The Constitution is simply an incongruous document too incompatible to guarantee any protection towards individual life, liberty and property.  According to Dr. Ambedkar himself, the Constitution serves no purpose, he drafted it against his will and should be burned.

It may not be too imaginative for self-pretentious Caste Indian “experts” to come up with the solution and finally declaring the sacred Cow as last judgment on all Indian matters. And, that would be true Indian democracy and secularism!

Harmeet Singh

Harmeet Singh is a contributor to Eurasia Review and a Scientist living in Chicago, IL

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