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Exposing The Viral Agenda Of The Kashmir Files – OpEd


Before the Second World War, just to demonize the Jewish people the Nazis’ tried to fill the Germans with the hatred against Jews using their cinema. They made movies that were based on propaganda against the Jewish minority, they became successful in vandalizing the whole nation. Joseph Geobels was the main man behind the agenda. He was named as the Hitler’s propaganda minister. All this happened just before the holocaust. The mission was to make Germans ready for the brutal killing by making a perception that Jews were evil spirited people and they deserve to die. 


A similar kind of trend is clearly visible in India. The government is continuously making movies in which they show the Muslim minority as evil entities. A recent attempt was made by making a movie based on Kashmir, “The Kashmir Files”. The movie is a tool to propagate extremist Hindutva narrative against Muslims of Kashmir. The story depicted a fictitious tale of Hindu Pandits suffering  at the hands of Muslims during the 1989 Kashmir crisis. 

Oppression in the shape of anti-Hijab laws and crack down against Muslims have become a regular occurrence in Extremist led Indian state. Nazist approach of RSS has made the lives of Muslims and other minorities a bed of thorns in India. Indian Cinema has a great impact over the psychology of its population. Just as Hitler used his cinema against the minority Modi’s government is also using Bollywood to make every Hindu a staunch enemy of Muslims. 

The movie on the other hand is not more than a pack of lies. Many people within and out of country including Hindu Pandits have cursed the absurd movie. They have stated that facts depicted in the film are fictitious. In the movie the plot presents government of a Muslim governor in Kashmir during the 1989 crisis. But, according to the factual record the state of Jammu and Kashmir at that time was ruled by the same Nazist party of BJP that maliciously planned a genocide against Muslims and asked the Pundits to leave the state. K. L. Koul one among the Kashmiri Pundits wrote this in the daily Alsafa on 18th September’ 1990:

“Pundits were told that the government has plans of killing about one lakh Kashmiri Muslims in order to overcome the uprising against India. They were assured that once the proposed massacre in Kashmir was completed and the movement curbed, they would be sent back to the valley. My community now understands that it was a very crude way of painting the mass uprising against India as nothing but a communal flare up. The Indian government tried to fool the world by depicting the uprising as a handwork of Muslims and had thrown them out of their homes. I know my community has lost affection, love, respect, and goodwill of Kashmiri Muslims for having betrayed them. I feel ashamed to admit that my community has stabbed the Muslims in the back. This all happened at the instance of Jagmohan. Some self-styled Hindu leaders exploited the situation and Pundits became refugees in their own land”.

According to the district Police headquarter Srinagar, the number of Hindu Pundits died during the 1989 crisis was 89, while, the number of people died belonging from other religions with a majority of Muslims was 1635. This number is in clear contradiction to what depicted in the movie. The total number of Hindus died in Kashmir Since 1989 is 219 while more than one Lakh Kashmiris have been killed. As per the Human Rights Commission in India, 157 people were killed in early 1990s out of which only 37 were Hindus while the rest 120 were Muslims. 


This propaganda movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ is part of the RSS extremist agenda of Akhand Bharat only for Hindus. BJP is so heinous in spreading this false narrative that it made the movie tax free in many states. Some states have announced a national holiday just for the people to go and see this movie. Such hostile thought process against a minority will lead the state towards disintegration. It can be an indication of a looming genocide in the J&K. “Desh k ghadaron ko goli maro salon ko” (We must kill them) were the slogans chanted by the Hindus coming out of cinema after watching the movie. This wave of hatred and animosity will continue to rise till the time the Hindus on the wish of Nazi BJP come out and commit a genocide against Muslims. 

With every other day the popularity of the movie is increasing at national level with support of government. In case if any mishap in Kashmir Indian government must be held responsible. As a responsible nation India must play its role in spreading peace and prosperity for all. Instead they are trying to damage the national cohesion therefore putting national peace at stake. It seems as if some elements of the national leadership are working for the enemy. They are trying to construct a civil war. Why do we need to bring anti-hijab laws in a secular state? And now this movie to spread disintegration. India is moving towards a dark phase that would be very difficult to manage for everyone. Every nation in the world that aspire to become a world power tries to keep the masses united and make their tracks aligned for a mutual national cause, but, the Indian government under BJP is doing otherwise. Such sentiments are not only harmful for minorities but they are also damaging for the whole country.

*The author is ex-serviceman in the Indian army. A defense analyst and a true patriot for the nation.

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