World As Global Sin: The Neverending Story – Essay


The world has become exactly the same today as it was for the former Yugoslavia back in 1990! How has this happened?

First – Unity, Brotherhood, Peace, Development and Second – Populism, exclusiveness, nationalism raising and establishment of chauvinism led to the point that the World is now on the edge of a new Big War, just as it was for the former Yugoslavia back in 1990.

So, let’s go step-by-step:

1. What is the difference between this (and there is more from where this came from) back at the end of eighties in former Yugoslavia, and this that is happening now in France  or this in the USA in 2017? There is no difference and you have, on both sides the persons who lead people towards the edge of civilization – and will push it further.

2. What is the difference between these good old days in former Yugoslavia and these good old days within the European Union back in the eighties of 20th Century? There are no differences, and you have on both sides people heading towards the light of better living and working together for the common good.

So, even today Sweden, Finland and/or Norway are using a similar social welfare system that was in former Yugoslavia. At the same time, rising nationalism is claiming in the EU in the exact same way as it was in Yugoslavia prior to the “agreed” war between former Yugoslavia Republics. So, are we going to have an “agreed” war within the European Union very soon, as well? To shape a little bit the Union and clean it out of immigrants, even of second and third generation immigrants that are living in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany…?

The solution is just behind the corner, although our blindness cannot see it. Why? Because we do not respect (as Yugoslavia did not in 1990) the following:

1. The knowledge (people like Donald Trump and/or Marie Le Pen and/or Vladimir Putin wouldn’t be able to manipulate with so many humans around the world, only if, only…if the knowledge was heading towards the increasing of the media and the political literacy of the humans, in general. People would be able to read through them (that political scam) and not with them.

2. The beauties of diversity and that God have made us different, although at the same time similar to him, regardless our color, race and/or gender. Respect towards diversity is the only way out from this mud water in which we are almost up to the neck in 2017.

3. The establishment of the United Nations as the real watcher of the World peace and prosperity and not as the executioner of the will of the strongest nation(s). How? Equal rights and equal responsibility for everyone, now and today. You can call me a dreamer, but I am not the only one.

Of course, if there is a will, there is a way. But, how to do it, within such a polarized world of inequality and hatred, which is the main fuel of “my” existence, “my” survival and “my” nation(s)?

Take, for an example the question I raised within my lectures that I held in October 2016 in Poland and in March of 2017 in Lithuania, and it is: Why have those bastards from ISIS never attacked Israel since the beginning of their establishment as the so-called “Islamic state….”? Israel is on their borders, but has never being attacked by them. Conspiracy theory does not exist, but it works, I wrote a long time ago. Still works, and end especially if we watch:

a) This


b) That

Simplicity is the mother of success – the establishment of a coordination body that consists of:

1. Independent, free spirit scientists and intellectuals who are not conformists and beholden to the politicians.

2. Religious leaders who are willing to cooperate and not to exclude somebody just because he/she is of different religion.

3. Economists who are focused on the benefit of 98% of the Earth’s population and not those who take care of the 2%.

After that, focus on the main 10 points that have to be done within the first six months, than another 10 points for the next 6 months, analyzing and adjusting the good and bad that has been done within the previous 6 months, and on, and on…for the first 5 years.

At the same time, using the free media, social media, independent media and proper advertising campaigns, explain, or at least try, to the world that the only solution is:

a) Joint living and development

b) Coordination of the diversities

c) Improvement of the existing point of living

Yes, you can call me a dreamer, but I am not the only one. As the person who lived through the collapse of the former Yugoslavia, I clearly see the same collapse of the European Union and the World. Populism and/or any kind of nationalism/chauvinism has not ever brought any good to anybody in the world – just only for a few. Especially, when “they” are using illiterate, non-educated and easily manipulated people to gain their benefits, as I asked a journalist at the end of a TV show (Cable TV HEMA, Sarajevo, BiH) where I was the only guest for an hour talking about different issues, back in 2012 (five years ago):

The conversation went like this:

SH: May I ask you just two questions, after answering on your questions for almost an hour, respectable colleague?

Journalist: Yes, you may.

SH: Is that right that when you are believer that means honesty, trust, brotherhood and respect to other and different ones?

Journalist: Yes.

SH: Why then we have so many believers today and in the same time so many thieves and with corruption encircled people in the same time?

The journalist didn’t answer. She just watched me. Her silence was the answer having in mind that in the former Yugoslavia, among 20 million people there were 14 million communists and today, within the area of the former Yugoslavia we have just opposite – 14 million believers. But are they?

So, with the World is the same. It does not matter if you are left and/or right. The only thing that matters is if it is good for all of us in general and not just for the few, regardless if we are living in capitalist and/or socialist society.

This Neverending story might end in a good way only if…only if we really become honest and respectful to others and those who are different from us. Everything can be fixed. For the benefit of all, finally. I am not asking for too much. Am I?

Prof. Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialic

Prof. Dr. Sabahudin Hadzialic was born in 1960, in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1964 he lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is a professor (two doctoral degrees), scientist, writer & poet (distinguished artist by state), journalist, and editor. He wrote 26 books (textbooks for the Universities in BiH and abroad, books of poetry, prose, essays as well as) and his art and scientific work is translated in 25 world languages. He published books in BiH, Serbia, France, Switzerland, USA and Italy. He wrote more than 100 scientific papers. He is certified peer-reviewer (his citations appear in books and papers of scientists from all continents) for several European scientific journals. He participates within EU project funds and he is a member of scientific boards of Journals in Poland, India and the USA. He is a member of the Board of directors of IFSPD ( Also, he is a regular columnists & essayist and member of the Editorial board, since 2014, of Eurasia Review, think tank and journal of news & analysis from the USA. Since 2009 he is co-owner and Editor in chief of DIOGEN pro culture - magazine for culture, art, education and science from the USA. He is a member of major associations of writers in BiH, Serbia and Montenegro as well as Foundations (scientific and non-governmental) Associations worldwide. As professor he was/is teaching at the Universities in BiH, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and India. Detailed info:

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