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Bahrain Interior Minister Receives US Delegation Of Evangelicals


Bahrain’s Interior Minister General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa received a US delegation of a group of evangelical business and media leaders led by the Founder of Near East Media and an expert in media and political consulting, Joel Rosenberg, on Sunday. The Chief of Public Security, Interior Ministry Undersecretary and Director-General of Media and Security Culture attended.


Bahrain’s Interior Minister welcomed Mr Rosenberg and the accompanying delegation, highlighting the importance of interaction and view exchanging. He asserted the reform approach of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa is based on coexistence, tolerance, and openness. The approach represents the foundation of the Abraham Accord that was signed in September 2020 to promote security, stability and peace in the region.

The Interior Minister highlighted the openness of Bahrain to various religions as part of the culture of society. Al Khalifa said that Bahrain’s constitution focuses on individuals and protects their rights to the freedom of worshipping.

Long-term residents of different nationalities and religions received the Bahraini nationality because of the coexistence and openness of the Bahraini community, Al Khalifa added.

The Interior Minister informed the delegation about the existence of worshipping places for various religions as an indication of the religious tolerance of the Bahraini culture and the honourable efforts of HM the King to reinforce peace and understanding in the region and the world.

During the meeting, Bahrain’s Interior Minister and Head of the Following-Up Committee of the National Plan to Promote the Spirit of Belonging to the Nation and Reinforce the Values of Nationalism highlighted the plan’s more than 100 initiatives.


The plan was introduced in March 2019, and it is implemented in association with 27 public organizations in cooperation with the private sector.

Al Khalifa noted that extremism and radicalization still pose a huge threat to youth, especially with the quick and convenient access to information or disinformation on the internet through various social media platforms.

He said that the Ministry of Interior signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with D.A.R.E. America, a drug abuse resistance education programme, in 2011. Through the MoU, the Maan (together) programme against violence and addiction was launched.

The program has successfully reduced over 54% of school children’s negative and wrong behaviors. It has been extended to include a curriculum for countering extremism and radicaliation and teaching religious tolerance to achieve peaceful coexistence, according to Al Khalif .

Meanwhile, Mr Rosenberg and the accompanying delegation expressed their appreciation for the efforts of Bahrain to promote coexistence and openness as part of the approach of HM the King. They wished Bahrain further progress, security and stability.

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