Spain: King Juan Carlos Says Fighting Joblessness Top Priority


Spanish King Juan Carlos said Saturday combating high unemployment rates in Spain is a pressing goal for the coming period.
In a 12-minute televised address, he said economic recovery requires more patience, efforts and sacrifices by citizens and public institutions.

But, he called for supporting jobless people and their families, and finding a solution to the economic crisis in Spain in collaboration with the European Union (EU).

The Spanish king added that Spain, which wants to continue its leading role in the region, enjoys much weight thanks to its distinguished relations with Latin America and Arab countries overlooking the Mediterranean.

He also urged ETA to demilitarize, dismantle its cells and fully keep away from the life of the Spanish people.

King Juan Carlos voiced full support for the families of victims of ETA’s terrorism.

ETA, or the Basque Homeland and Freedom, had announced that it was fully relinquishing armed operations. It called on the Spanish and French authorities to open dialogue to seek best solutions for the almost 50-year-old political struggle.

The military operations of ETA, which considers the northern city of Bilbao as its capital, killed 829 people over the past 50 years.

The Spanish king delivers an annual address to the nation every year on the occasion of Christmas.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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