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Arab League Council To Hold Session Next Monday


Meetings of the 135th session of the delegate-level Arab League Council is to start next Monday under the headship of the Sultante of Oman which will succeed Iraq.


Director of the Arab League Council adviser Mohammad Al-Thaydi said in a statement today that the agenda includes 22 items, and at their forefront are preparing the draft agenda of the 23rd Arab summit in Baghdad, the Arab situation, the Palestinian cause, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arab national security, the Arab League Council of Peace and Security.

Headquarters of the Arab League, beside Tahrir Square in Downtown Cairo
Headquarters of the Arab League, beside Tahrir Square in Downtown Cairo

Further, the agenda includes items on the risks posed by the Israeli armament to the Arab national security, developing the peaceful uses of atomic energy in the Arab countries, the international terrorism and the ways of combating it, working out a peaceful solution to dispute between Eritrea and Djibouti, conditions in Comoros and Somalia, and supporting peace and development in Sudan.

Moreover, developments of the situation in Libya, the escalating protests in a number of Arab countries, the results of revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia will also come high on the agenda of Arab consultations, sources from Arab League said.

As for reaching a final decision on holding the upcoming Arab summit in Baghdad, Omani permanent representative to the Arab League Sheikh Khalifa bin Ali Al-Harithi said this matter will be decided on during the upcoming meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers.



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