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Iran: Karroubi To Stand By People To Defend Rights – Video


In his most recent video interview with RASA TV, Iranian opposition leader Mahdi Karroubi currently who is under house arrest with his wife Fatemeh, has vowed to continue to stand by the Iranian people and to keep his vow to defend the people’s rights regardless of what the future may hold.


In a video address recorded before three security raids on his house and the arrest of one of his sons, Karroubi said, “With God’s grace, we will soon overcome these problems, deadlocks, pressures which all of us have been facing … and with a strong will and resolve, we shall stand firm in the path we believe in. I am certain that victory, success, salvation and honour are ours. We stand by the people in defending their rights.”

The former Parliament Speaker continued, “And [we stand by] the pact we made with the people before victory … governance should be on the basis of their [the people’s] choice and vote … they shouldn’t have to obey whatever [the rulers] say, they are the ones who are to determine [who they want to see in power].”

“On this road, there is no suffering and hardship that is too difficult to bear, it is sweet rather than bitter,” he added

There are also growing fears about the well-being of fellow 2009 presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard who have also been placed under house arrest since pro-opposition demonstrations on 14 February.



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