Iran: Kurd Prisoner Killed Under Torture In Prison


A Kurd prisoner was killed under torture on September 23 in the Greater Tehran Penitentiary. According to the Hengaw Organization, the man was identified as 22-year-old Amirhossein Hatami. An informed source said he was killed under severe beatings of batons to his head by the prison guards. The source said Amirhossein was working in one of Tehran’s bazaars when he was detained for getting into a fight with another citizen.

Amirhossein was from Ilam, western Iran, and residing in Tehran. His father said he will not accept his son’s body until the cause of death is formally determined.

This is not an isolated case. On September 13, a Kurd political prisoner identified as 31-year-old Yasser Mangouri was killed under torture in an Intelligence Ministry detention center in Piranshahr northwestern Iran. Yasser was married and father to three children.  

On July 16, an Iranian Kurd identified as 38-year-old Rahman Ahmadian was killed under torture in Urmia’s Intelligence Office Detention Center. Rahman and other citizens including his neighbor were detained by Intelligence agents on July 13.

On June 28, an Iranian Arab identified as Kazem Hazbavi was killed under torture by police in Khorramshahr, southwestern Iran. Kazem was married and father to three boys and one girl. The report said police forces chased and ran over Kazem with a car, then took him to the police station. Locals reported he was injured in the car chase, then tortured at the station where he lost his life.

 On June 16, a Baluch prisoner was killed under torture in a detention center in Suran, southeastern Iran. The man was identified as Masoud Kahanky-Gongi.

According to the Human Rights Monitor Annual report, at least four prisoners were killed because of torture and ill-treatment in Iranian prisons in 2020.

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