Iran’s Navy To Equip Destroyers With Abu Mahdi Cruise Missiles


The commander of the Iranian Navy unveiled plans to furnish the country’s destroyers with ‘Abu Mahdi’ cruise missiles that are suitable for electronic warfare. 

In comments at a televised interview, Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said the Iranian Navy’s destroyers are going to be equipped with Abu Mahdi cruise missiles and other missiles with greater ranges.

“This missile can perform well in the electronic warfare space. The tests on this missile have been carried out, and the enemy also knows about its abilities,” he added.

The commander also stated that the Navy has doubled the capacity for using surface-to-surface cruise missiles and that its destroyers will be furnished with eight cruise missile launchers.

The naval destroyers have also been equipped with ‘Navvab’ mid-range surface-to-air missile system, he noted, adding that the homegrown ‘Sahand’ destroyer and other ones have been armed with point-defense systems.

The admiral further stated that the sonar systems of the Iranian submarines have been significantly upgraded.

Elsewhere in his remrakrs, the Navy chief expressed hope that the ‘Damavand’ homegrown destroyer would join the naval fleet on November 28.

Tasnim News Agency

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