Morsi’s Power Grab Creates More Unrest In Egypt


Last week Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi issued a controversial decree that gives him more legislative power and protects his decisions from any judicial oversight. His surprising new decree was announced Thursday night, at the end of the work week in Egypt, leaving the country in a state of turmoil.

Clashes erupted throughout the country between three different groups: supporters of President Morsi on one side, the opposition on the other side and the police forces, in some cases fighting against both of them, according to a Christian leader, who has been blogging over the last few months from Egypt. According to Reuters, 360 have been injured and one person has died in clashes between protesters and police.


On Tuesday, two large demonstrations are planned. One demonstration is going to take place near Cairo University for Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood supporters, while the another protest will take place at Tahrir Square, involving all other Egyptian parties and groups opposing Morsi’s unexpected decree. Clashes between the groups are a possibility, warns Open Doors.

“We Christians are not sure, together with most Egyptians, if we should actually take the risk and go to work and drive through the city, or should we just stay at home waiting for the unknown,” blogs the Christian leader. “Sunday night I visited a group of friends from church. The host family lives in a 17th floor apartment with an overwhelming view from their balcony over the Nile and the city of Cairo. To live, drive and walk among the 18 million Cairo residents is quite hectic, but to get to see them from above is different and emotional. The roaring noises below struck my ears, as I started to cry over my injured city and wounded country. ‘Lord,’ I prayed. ‘Will Egypt have some days of rest one day?’ I asked.”

He adds: “The struggles of the previous days, together with the concerns of tomorrow and the days to follow, bring pain and agony to my heart. The cold winds of the evening blew on my face as I raised my eyes to heaven and prayed for Egypt. Then I was reminded by the Almighty that my help does come from the Lord the Creator of heaven and earth. He whispered in my ears, in my moments of desperation: “Be still and know that I am God.’ Psalm 46:10. Claim this with me, as we face the uncertainties of tomorrow and the coming days over this latest crisis in Egypt.”

Egypt is ranked No. 15 on the Open Doors World Watch List of 50 countries which are the worst persecutors of Christians.

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