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Syria: Over 30 Killed In Clashes, Including 10 Children


At least 34 civilians, including ten children, were killed Thursday by security forces in Syria, according to Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR).


In addition, seven or eight army deserters were killed Thursday in clashes, including a colonel in Homs, the London-based organization.

In Homs, government forces launched an offensive on Thursday night at the district of Karm al-Zeitoun, killing 26 civilians, including nine children, and leaving dozens injured.

In the rebel city of Hama (central Syria), where the Syrian army launched a major offensive Tuesday, four civilians were killed including a woman, 58 years old, who was shot dead by snipers, the source said. One was killed in the province of Idleb (northwest), and two more in the suburbs of Damascus. In the province of Deraa, a teenager was killed and three others injured.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people demonstrated Thursday in Damascus and other Syrian cities to express their support to President Bashar al-Assad and their rejection of any foreign interference in the affairs of their country, reported the official media.

In central Damascus, tens of thousands gathered, waving flags of Syria and portraits of the president.


On its part, the government daily Tishrin accused some Arab regimes of involvement “in efforts to impede a settlement, and direct or indirect involvement in the murders and acts of sabotage.”

At the UN, diplomats from Britain, France and Germany are working with Arab countries on a draft resolution they want to vote on Monday or Tuesday.

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