Telling Your Child To Call 911 In An Emergency Can Be Dangerous – OpEd


Cop Block co-founder Pete Eyre released a new video this week that, in just four minutes, explains clearly why telling children just to dial 911 is not the best means to ensure children’s safety in emergencies. Just as important, Eyre presents in the video several suggestions of other actions parents can take to prepare their children to deal with emergencies.

Eyre starts off giving examples of when a family member calling 911 led to the death of a child or pet. He then states this sad but true fact:

The most vulnerable among us — children — are frequently told by adults to call 911 in case of a problem. But, as too many families have learned, calling 911 often itself brings tragedy and death.

Eyre proceeds through several thought-provoking suggestions of ways parents can help prepare their children to deal with potentially dangerous situations. Discussed actions include developing and practicing a safety plan, teaching children situational awareness and how to handle fire extinguishers and firearms, and providing children with technology they can use to assist them in emergencies or in potentially dangerous interactions with police.

Watch the complete video here:

This article was published by the RonPaul Institute.

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