Arab League Sanctions Approved, Assad Vows To Fight “Terrorists”


The Arab League on Sunday voted to impose unprecedented sanctions against the Syrian government over its violent crackdown against protesters.

According to the AP, the Qatari finance minister said the sanctions, including a freeze on assets and investments in Syria as well as a halt to dealings with the Syrian central bank.

Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said his forces would keep up the fight against the “terrorists” in the country. “At the first stage of the crisis we were gathering information and laying a map to know the whereabouts of the armed groups,” Assad was quoted as telling a group of university students in a recent meeting. “After the month of Ramadan, we started qualitative operations. We directed severe and decisive blows to the terrorists. There will be no tolerance with them… we will follow them everywhere. …

“The armed groups that terrify the Syrian citizens are divided into three groups: part of them belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, another part belong to the Takfiri Wahabi, and the third are those who have sentences to death or life imprisonment and who don’t hesitate to commit such acts,” Assad explained. Assad’s comments have appeared on almost every Syrian private website.

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