Iranian General: US Faces ‘Dozens Of Irans’


Major General Qasem Suleimani has said that today the United States is faced with “dozens of Irans”, which have emerged in the region as a result of the Islamic awakening.

“The Islamic awakening is a voice that you cannot hear. You should know that today the U.S. is no longer faced with one Iran. Dozens of Irans have emerged in the region and the nations have woken up to U.S. (plots),” Mehr News Agency quoted Suleimani as saying.

“You have not yet been able to make a correct analysis in this regard. But you should know that Egypt is the second Iran and another Iran has been born in the region. Bahrain, Libya, and Yemen are other Irans,” he stated.

He also said that U.S. “wrong foreign policies have led to American people’s disenchantment with the government.”


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