Two US Missile Strikes Kill 21 In Pakistan


Around twenty-one people including foreigners were killed in two US missile strikes on Monday in Pakistani tribal belt of North Waziristan, said officials.

An unmanned US aircraft fired four missiles at a moving vehicle in a village about fifteen kilometres northwest of Miramshah, the main city of the agency, security officials told KUNA.

They said the strike killed at least militants and wounded several others. Only few hours later, said officials, unmanned aircrafts fired two more missiles at a vehicle, which was carrying more than fourteen militants of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

The second strike killed all militants and a passer-by, added officials. They said further that foreign militants of Arab origin were among those killed in the second strike.

There were some reports that some wanted militants have been targeted in the strike and, hence, killed. However, the identities of those militants could not be established yet.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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