Sri Lanka Evacuating Workers From Libya


Thirty nine Sri Lankans have returned to the country from Libya while 37 more are to arrive in the country in the next few days, according to a statement from the Sri Lanka government.

The latest Sri Lankans – who worked in a Libyan hotel – arrived in the island early last morning by Qatar Airways and another 30 workers arrived last night, the government said.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Reportedly, another group of 36 Sri Lankans are returning to the country by a Chinese vessel while 31 Sri Lankan workers have gone to Malta by a US vessel, according to the government.

According to Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau, there are around 800 Sri Lankans in Libya and immediate steps are being taken to evacuate them. There are around 350 workers at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Tripoli and the External Affairs Ministry will arrange a charter flight to get bring them back to the country, the government said.

The Sri Lanka government said that 37 Sri Lankans have been evacuated to Greece from Libya and they would arrive in the country in the next few days.

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