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Morocco To Set Up A Field Hospital In Gaza Strip – OpEd


Morocco announced Saturdaay that it will set up a field hospital in the Gaza Strip to help mounting casualties among Palestinian demonstrators currently arrayed along the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel.


Palestinians in the strip have been actively demonstrating for their right of return to their homes in territory now occupied by Israel since March; Israeli forces have killed more than 100 protesters and injured thousands since the Great Return March began.

King Mohammed VI “ordered the immediate setting up of a Moroccan field hospital in the Gaza Strip,” which will include medical staff from “the armed forces as well as Moroccan civilian doctors and paramedics,” the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. The Moroccan field hospital will include the rapid deployment of quality-assured emergency medical teams to conduct complex lifesaving surgery; procurement of essential drugs, disposables, and medical equipment to ensure accurate diagnostics and treatment of the injured. In fact, the field hospital in Gaza will be fully staffed, supplied and equipped to provide medical attention to Palestinians injured by Israeli aggression and violence.

Through this royal humanitarian initiative… in coordination with the Palestinian authorities, Morocco will help alleviate the suffering of a population victim to several days of aggression which the kingdom strongly condemns.

Undoubtedly, the Palestinians will once again voice their appreciation of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s support for the Palestinian people and his directives to establish and maintain the Moroccan field hospital, which will provide services, including major surgeries in order to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

It is worth noting that Rabat also has a field hospital in neighbouring Jordan which treats Syrian refugees fleeing their country’s civil war. The hospital includes an emergency clinic, pediatric and gynecological services, a delivery room and even overnight hospitalization when needed. The staff includes doctors, nurses, x-ray technicians and lab technicians. The Moroccan field hospital won widespread praise for the speed at which it began operating, and at the superior medical facilities it offered.


Said Temsamani

Said Temsamani is a Moroccan political observer and consultant, who follows events in his country and across North Africa. He is a member of Washington Press Club.

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