Sri Lanka: Sirisena Says Govt Won’t Make Any Decision That Endangers Maha Sangha Or Buddhism


Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena emphasized that the statement spread by some people that the Government is formulating a new constitution removing the paragraph given to Buddhism of the existing constitution is a totally false propaganda. Sirisena also said that the Government will not take any decision which will endanger or harm the Maha Sangha or Buddhism.

“A new constitutions which can be agreed by all the religious communities, including the Buddhists as well as all the all communities in Sri Lanka, will be presented,” Sirisena added. He made these remarks addressing the State Festival for the National Piriven Day held in Getambe, Kandy on July 27.

Addressing the gathering Sirisena said the purpose of formulating a new constitution is not to create new issues before the country, but to solve the prevailing issues of the country.

Not a a single clause that would divide the country or endanger the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka will be included in the new constitution, Sirisena said. He added that as the President and Defence Minister of the country he vehemently rejects such allegations.

The Government is committed in formulating a new constitution, which is suitable for this country as well as creating a fair constitution for all communities while regularly holding discussions in this regard, Sirisena further said.

The Government has already implemented many programmes to develop the temples with insufficient facilities and to uplift the Piriven education of the country, the President said. Sirisena also emphasized that the duties and responsibilities of the Government will be fulfilled in a proper manner for the development of the Buddhism.

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