Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rising In Iran


The head of National Air and Climate Change at Iran’s Environmental Protection Agency reports that 500 million tons of greenhouse gases are produced by the country annually and in the next 10 years it is expected to reach 2 billion tons.

According to IRNA, Ali Rajabi told a press conference on Wednesday August 26 that greenhouse gas emissions in Iran are high and on the rise.

He said Iran should start falling in line with the rest of world in trying to reduce greenhouse gases.

Some of the chief sources of greenhouse gas emissions are power plants, transportation and oil and gas refineries.

Seventy percent of greenhouse gas emissions produced in Iran are related to road transportation.

The Rohani administration, which took power two years ago, has begun implementing some plans for reducing greenhouse gases.

There are 200 Environment Protection Projects in the Persian Gulf aimed at reducing 70 percent of air, land and sea pollution from oil production and distribution activities by 2020.

Another effort has been the improvement of gasoline quality for use in gas pumps across the country.

The government has also prepared a “low-carbon economy” plan to be fully implemented by 2020.

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