Spain: Prime Minister Sanchez Begins Tour Of Latin America


Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez began his tour of Latin America on Monday, with visits to Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and Costa Rica, countries that represent the diversity of a strategic region for Spain, and with which the government wishes to step up bilateral relations.

According to Moncloa, the choice of the four countries – different in size, geographic and social conditions, and the political orientation of their governments – reflects the constructive and multidimensional focus of the government in its relations with Latin America, and its vocation for integration and multilateralism as the best tool for providing a response to global challenges.

Moncloa said that for Prime Minister Sanchez, this tour represents a step forward in relations with Latin America, strengthening dialogue and promoting a unique, balanced and fair relationship based on the mutual understanding of the challenges facing each country. Together with the European Union, Latin America is the most important global region for Spain, and hence the government wants to listen to and better define its role in the region, thereby strengthening its part as an intermediary between them, Moncloa said in a statement.

Sanchez will hold several meetings with Spanish companies to convey the government’s firm support and praise their work as a dynamic driver of the economy and social progress in the region. At present, Latin America is one of the main trading partners and an important destination for Spanish investment, and is present in such key sectors as banking, energy, communications, construction and management of infrastructures, and tourism.

Sanchez will also visit several Spanish Cooperation projects to reiterate Spain’s commitment to the fight against poverty and inequality, and convey Spain’s interest in stepping up collaboration in such strategic areas as the fight against climate change, gender equality, migratory movements and the defence and promotion of human rights.

As such this presents an opportunity to consolidate the bilateral ties with the countries visited, serving as a precursor to the upcoming event in the region – the Ibero-American Summit in Guatemala, to be held on November 15 and 16.

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