Arab League Urges Germany To Suspend Delivery Of Submarines To Israel


The Arab League called on the German government Thursday to suspend the delivery of German-made Dolphin submarines to Israel lest the sophisticated submarine be used by the Jewish far right as a tool of destruction and aggression on other nations.

The League’s Assistant Undersecretary for the affairs of the occupied Palestinian and other Arab territories Ambassador Mohammad Sobaih said in statements to the press here that Germany has “strong and very important ties” with the Arab countries.

“Therefore, Germany has to take stock of the interests of the Arab nation and the Middle East peace process while deciding on arms supplies to Israel,” he said.

Ambassador Sobaih was commenting on the recent delivery of a sixth Dolphin which joined the submarine fleet of the Jewish state.

“The German-Israeli arms deal is a cause of concern for the Arab countries since (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu is backpedalling on the commitment to peace and his (Netanyahu’s) Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is beating the drums of war every now and then,” he said.

Ambassador Sobaih cited as an example of Israel’s aggressiveness the recent hostile remarks by Lieberman against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the religious opinions by Jewish extremist rabbis approving the killing of Palestinian children.

“Israel is moving step by step towards the far right and its acquisition of a fleet of the sophisticated submarines will definitely augment its aggressiveness,” he opined.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Sobaih welcomed recent press reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning to reconsider the controversial deal with Israel.

Israel finalized the purchase of the sixth Dolphin submarine last May as part of a plan costing up to USD 700 million to expand its fleet under the pretext of warding off threats from foes like Iran.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

One thought on “Arab League Urges Germany To Suspend Delivery Of Submarines To Israel

  • October 28, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    Israeli-US nuclear & military dominance are both an obstacle to peace and a threat to Europe

    The intention of Binyamin Netanyahu, supported by American Jewish and Christian Zionists, is to control the whole of former Palestine. The Israeli settlement of Ariel has been built half way between the major Arab towns of Nablus and Ramallah, 17 km east of the Green Line in the heart of the West Bank, for precisely this reason. It is to gain an illegal advantage in order to sabotage the possibility of any peace process.

    Netanyahu negotiates in bad faith. His Likud Party denies any Palestinian state. This is common knowledge, except apparently to President Barack Obama who, under the influence of the American-Israel lobby, continues to supply billions of US tax dollars to Israel each year together with shipments of F15/ F16 strike bombers, helicopter gunships, missile systems, cluster bombs, chemical and other weapons, guns, rockets, electronic surveillance systems and remote-controlled drones that can kill anyone or anything, anywhere, at the touch of a computer button.

    This is the brave new world of Israeli-American nuclear and military dominance in the Middle East. A vital region that supplies one third of all the essential oil upon which the major economies of the world, including those of the EU27 member states, are dependent. A world where Europe is no longer master of its own political and economic destiny but an increasingly unwilling subscriber to a foreign agenda.

    To achieve peace, the UN needs to resolve that all illegal settlements be dismantled and their occupants repatriated: that Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program is made subject to IAEA inspection and that the Middle East, including both Israel and Iran, is designated a future Nuclear Weapons Free Zone. ###


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