Authenticity Of Stolen Picassos Confirmed


Swiss prosecutors have confirmed that two paintings by Pablo Picasso discovered earlier this month in Serbia were those stolen from a cultural centre in canton Schwyz in 2008.

The Schwyz cantonal prosecutor’s office said on Friday tests had confirmed the authenticity of the two works, “Tete de cheval” painted in 1962 and “Verre et Pichet” from 1944.

Both are in good condition and in the process of being returned to Switzerland. Investigations into who stole the paintings are continuing, the prosecutor’s office said.

The paintings were on loan from the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, Germany, when they were stolen in February 2008 along with other works from the Seedamm cultural centre in Pfäffikon, near Zurich.

Together, the two paintings are believed to be worth around SFr4.8 million ($5.56 million).


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