Yemen: Media Workers Targeted, Journalists At Risk


Snipers targeted two employees of the Al Saida TV channel Thursday, killing one and injuring another. Fouad Abd El Jabbar, the channel’s accountant was killed in the shooting while his colleague Mohammad Abd El Ghani Dabouane sustained serious injuries.

The station had already been attacked recently, while on October 3 a senior journalist Abdulmajeed El Samawi, deputy director of a local radio station, died from gunshot injuries sustained on September 25. The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) condemned the killings, accusing the attackers of targeting journalists in an attempt to intimidate independent reporting on events taking place in the country.

“The recent violence on the country’s streets has led to indiscriminate attacks on all those identified with courageous and professional journalism like Jabbar. But the world is watching and these criminal acts will not go unnoticed”, said Beth Costa, IFJ (International Federation of Journalists) General Secretary.

A crisis has been underway in Yemen for nine months on various levels with heavy humanitarian consequences and a high number of civilian casualties.


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