Saudi Arabia: 1,735,391 Hajj Pilgrims Have Arrived


By Mohammad Al-Sulami

The General Directorate of Passports announced on Monday that up till now, the number of guests of Allah coming from abroad has reached 1,735,391.

Maj. Gen. Sulaiman Al-Yahya explained during a press conference held in Jeddah that the number of pilgrims coming by air was 1,631,979; 88,585 by land; and 14,585 by sea.

He said that the Saudi leadership was keen on facilitating the entrance of pilgrims by land, sea and air.

He added that the directorate has set up a plan to process pilgrims on their arrival and is using advanced technical devices to ensure speed and accuracy in the arrival procedures of every pilgrim.

He pointed out that special administrative committees were formed and are currently located at the entrances of Makkah, notably in Ash Shimaisi, Taniim, Bouhaita and Karr.

“The directorate is also getting ready for the second phase of Hajj in the coming days regarding the departure of the guests of Allah and their safe return to their homeland.”

He also called upon foreign pilgrims not to overstay their Hajj visa so they will not be detained, interrogated or punished.

Arab News

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