US Sees No Military Solution In Syria


The vast majority of Syria’s opposition movement want a peaceful end to the ongoing conflict and do not want military intervention, the United States said Wednesday.

“Our assessment is that the vast majority of those in the Syrian opposition want this to end peacefully, want to react to their own government’s brutality peacefully, don’t want military intervention. So the situation is different than it was in Libya,” State department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in Washington.

She told reporters that despite a number of calls from Syrian opposition member for the U.S. to enforce a no-fly zone, the number one thing the U.S. can do to aid the opposition is to involve international monitors in Syria to witness the brutality on the ground and to hold Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad accountable.

“We don’t believe there is a military solution in Syria. We need a political solution. We need the ability of the opposition to participate in a political transformation towards the democratic future of Syria,” she stressed.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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