Germany: 4 Injured In Knife Attack In Frankfurt


Four people have been injured in a stabbing attack in downtown Frankfurt, Germany, police confirmed. Law enforcement is currently looking for several suspects.

“At least four people have been injured in a stabbing attack in Frankfurt. All four are in a hospital right now,” police confirmed on their official Twitter feed.

The authorities are still assessing information on the incident and are gathering eyewitness accounts, the Hessenschau news outlet reports. It is also being verified whether one or numerous persons are responsible for the stabbing.

A spokeswoman for Frankfurt police said that law enforcers are currently looking for several suspects, the outlet adds.

However, there is no imminent danger for people on the streets, officials announced.

“We are asking to refrain from speculations over the incident at the Hauptwache. You are scaring your fellow citizens. There is NO DANGER,” a police tweet reads.

All of the four victims sustained no life-threatening injuries, but could not yet be questioned. According to local FFH radio, the motive for the attack is so far unclear.

The incident allegedly started at the C-level and later moved to the B-level of the Hauptwache train station in the very heart of Frankfurt am Main. Police have found blood traces in both of the respective areas, Hessenschau reports.


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