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Spain: PM Sánchez Advocates Anonymous Feminism To Bring End To Inequality


Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez took part on Thursday in the international women’s summit entitled ‘Santander WomenNOW Summit’ organised by Vocento and Taller de Editores on 29 and 30 March at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, to offer a forum for leadership testimony and to debate gender-based violence, reconciliation and the glass ceiling, under the slogan, “Make Her Story”.

In his speech, Pedro Sánchez argued in favor of feminism “in its purest form”, “anonymously and without qualification” at a time in which, “women are making history”. “It is time for women and men to have the same rights”, he said, “the century of women has finally arrived, and this will finally be the century of justice for gender”.

Sánchez expressed the commitment of the Government of Spain to the fight against “intolerable crimes”, and against all forms of violence or discrimination, including gender-based violence, exploitation, sexual harassment, violence and genital mutilation. He also added that women have the “decisive collaboration of the whole of society, including from men”.

With his words, Pedro Sánchez encouraged women to continue raising their voices as a guarantee of change, of justice and of equality. “Now, finally, the world will listen to what you have to say”, he said, taking on a political commitment to fight unemployment “which affects women to a greater extent than men”, and to definitively breaking the glass ceiling, “which prevents real and effective equality that reaches the highest levels of science, culture and private enterprise”, he explained.

Sánchez recalled that Spain, according to UN Women and the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) is the leading country in the world in terms of the presence of women in public institutions and said that he was “honored” to head up the government that contains the highest number of female ministers of the democracy and which currently has the highest proportion of women of any country in the world.

Pedro Sánchez ended his speech by expressing his admiration for the mobilization of women in Spanish cities on March 8, “an example viewed and imitated throughout the world”,  recalling the need to increase the presence of women and acknowledge their merits and talent in all sectors of social life, such as culture, science, technology and economics.

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