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Sex, Race, Gender And The US Presidential Vote


Gender is as important as race when predicting votes in US election, according to new research published in Cogent Social Sciences which reveals that Republican and Democrat positions on women’s rights are a major predictor of the vote for President in the US elections.


Using data from the American National Election Studies [ANES] this new article examines the role of gender in US elections. The research uncovers that what matters to voters is not simply their own biological sex but their attitudes about appropriate social roles for men and women.

Republicans and Democrats take opposing views on many women’s issues, and voters view Democrats as more supportive than Republicans of equality for women and reproductive rights.

In the 2008 election, perceptions of party differences on women’s issues had greater impact on the choice of white voters than opinions on many other issues, including gay marriage, and the economy.

“Gender is often seen as less important than race when examining voter opinion,” said author of the research Susan B. Hansen, Professor emerita of political science at the University of Pittsburgh. “But whilst it’s true that race is fundamentally important to the way people vote, women’s issues are a fascinating area which hasn’t yet received as much attention as it deserves.”


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