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Nigeria’s Boko Haram Reinforcing Islamic State Jihad In Libya – OpEd


U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, after returning from a trip to the Middle East, last week shared his frank observation with an audience at George Washington University: A worldwide terrorist exodus is underway, and we are woefully unprepared to deal with it, he said. We are not winning this war, McCaul said. Violent extremists are not on the run, as the president says. They are on the march.

During former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency, neither she nor her acolytes will even hint at the current state of Islamic warfare occurring in the nation of Libya. In fact, the majority of American news outlets — hotbeds of Clinton advocates –appear to be intentionally or unintentionally oblivious to the jihad that was concocted by President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton through their incompetence.

After pushing for — and achieving — the overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi that Arab nation has been and continues to be in a state of chaos that cost the lives of many more Libyans than were killed by Col. Gaddafi and ended the lives of four brave Americans including a U.S. ambassador.

Intelligence analysts Friday informed Conservative Base that evidence exists that reveals Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamists’ plan to deploy hundreds of fighters to reinforce the ranks of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) in locations in Libya such as Benghazi. According to Homeland Security News Wire, this is just the latest intelligence that points to the growing cooperation between the two Sunni Muslim groups in North Africa.

Unfortunately, despite his rhetoric to the contrary, President Obama allowed the Islamic State of ISIS’s international jihad to spread into Afghanistan, Yemen and now Libya. It followed Obama’s toppling of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak which led to thousands dying at the hands of Islamic terrorists and the Muslim Brotherhood rising to power.

According to intelligence analysts at the Israeli non-profit, think-tank Meir Amit Information Center, “In 2015 ISIS established two strongholds beyond the borders of its power base in Iraq and Syria: the first in the Sinai Peninsula, where it wages determined fighting against the Egyptian security forces. The second is situated in the north- central Libyan city of Sirte and its surroundings, where it has established territorial control and from where it seeks to take over the entire country.”

The analysts claim ISIS plans to make Libya its base-of-operations for terrorist and anti-government operations in North Africa and southern Europe countries. ISIS could establish itself in Libya because of the chaos prevalent after the execution of Gaddafi. The U.S. government under Obama and Clinton failed to offer help for fear of appearing to be “occupiers.”

As in Egypt, Iraq and Syria, the overthrow of the central government almost instantly advantaged several nationalist and Islamist organizations as well as tribal militias. The Libyan branch of ISIS is filling the vacuum left by the absence of a functioning government and the absence of the U.S. and European nations. ISIS has established itself in the region around Sirte and plans to spread throughout Libya.

The British Telegraph quotes U.S. deputy secretary of state Antony Blinken who said that there were “reports” Boko Haram fighters were going into Libya, where ISIS now has an estimated 6,000 fighters.

“We’ve seen that Boko Haram’s ability to communicate has become more effective. They seem to have benefited from assistance from Daesh,” he said, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS that is favored by Secretary of State John Kerry. There were also reports of material and logistical aid being funneled into Libya from Nigeria.

According to the Meir Amit report on ISIS: “Like Iraq and Syria, Libya is a country that has disintegrated and is involved in an ongoing civil war that is likely to continue for a long time. That is the result of the deep divisions between the various centers of power and the access of the rival sides to military and economic assets like oil fields, the refugee-smuggling industry and large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition from the Gaddafi era (some of which are of high quality and are smuggled from Libya to its Arab and African neighbors). It is still difficult to assess ISIS’s ability to realize its far-reaching aspirations in Libya, but it has clearly established a stronghold it will not easily give up, in view of Libya’s perceived importance.”

Unfortunately, because of the sensitivity of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi scandal, many observers aren’t holding their collective breath for the Obama administration to do anything substantial to save Libya or stop ISIS.

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Jim Kouri

Jim Kouri, CPP, formerly Fifth Vice-President, is currently a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, an editor for, and he's a columnist for In addition, he's a blogger for the Cheyenne, Wyoming Fox News Radio affiliate KGAB ( Kouri also serves as political advisor for Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Michael Moriarty.

One thought on “Nigeria’s Boko Haram Reinforcing Islamic State Jihad In Libya – OpEd

  • May 31, 2016 at 7:08 am

    There never was any intention on the part of the Obama administration to stop ISIS. So far clearly the US tried to cajole ISIS into various regions in an effort to partition Iraq and fragment Syria. Were it not for Russian intervention, Syria would now be equally a failed state as Libya with essentially perpetual tribal and clans warfare between various fiefdoms conquered and held by various militant groups. It follows that moving ISIS back into Libya and, more recently, into Yemen, is the outline of a plan to destabilize the entire Middle East and Africa. Nigeria is fighting heroically against Boko Haram but did not get any help from the US who instead armed Boko Haram when Nigeria moved more toward China economically. ISIS is the new al Qaida to justify US wars of aggression against any country it considers of its interests. North and east, ISIS will and already is spreading into Turkey and Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is clear that the Obama administration and after him the Hillary administration, which the US mainstream media has and continues to consider the rightful heir to the throne already before the primary elections started. The reason for this is precisely this agenda of world hegemony using proxy wars with ISIS and similar groups as the US proxy force. From Pakistan the step into China is small and the restlessness in the Xinjiang province where Muslim Uighurs are being trained for terrorism in Pakistan is an easy path to infiltrate China. It is also clear that neither Russia who will be infiltrated via Turkey and Georgia into Chechnya nor China will stand idly by and pan Middle Eastern and Asian war is almost certain. Since it is obvious that the US is the primary mover in this hellish game, the US homeland will not be spared from such a war. Russia already has all the proofs it needs to know the US intentions. Which means, so does China.

    Obama disappoints as commander in chief. His peace prize should be returned or declared invalid. He has produced nothing but war and he has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Yemenis, Nigerians, Central Africans etc. etc. – he destabilized and destroyed 8 countries in the first 7 years of his presidency – on his hands. The coup in Ukraine is clearly intended to give a western front into Russia to increase the pressure when Russia will be infiltrated in the North Caucasus by ISIS. The beefing up of NATO specifically in the countries bordering Russia make it clear that the US intends the EU/NATO to fight a war on Russia so presumably the US can subdue Russia and China without the war affecting the US homeland. That will not likely work, as both China and Russia will consider any attack on their countries by NATO an attack by the US. It is also clear that ISIS is now an integral part of NATO.


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