China Upset Over US-Australia Strengthening Military Alliance


China’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday criticized the US decision to strengthen its military alliance with Australia, calling it “Cold-War model,” the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

During US President Barack Obama’s visit to Australia earlier this month, the two nations agreed to increase joint military initiatives in order to enhance their alliance.

“Any consolidation or expansion of a military alliance that was forged in history is of the Cold-War model,” Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng was quoted as telling a press briefing in Beijing.

“Moves that run contrast to the current trend of peace and cooperation are not helpful in building mutual trust and cooperation among regional countries and will damage their common interests,” Geng said.

Any other military theory aimed at provoking confrontation and safeguarding one’s security at the price of another’s is also backward-thinking, he added.

The US-Australian agreement, unveiled by Obama, will allow thousands of US Marines to station in northern Australia in order to “contribute to security in the Asia-Pacific region.”


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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