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Iran Arrests Swedish National On Espionage Claims


Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said it has arrested a Swedish national on a charge of espionage. 


In a statement on Saturday, the Intelligence Ministry said the Swedish national has been identified and captured on a charge of espionage.

The defendant had already been put on the list of suspects by the Intelligence Ministry’s counterespionage department during several trips to Iran because of suspicious actions and contacts, the statement added.

All moves, contacts and trips of the Swedish arrestee to various Iranian cities were constantly being monitored until the convict wanted to leave Iran, the ministry noted, adding that the intelligence forces have found out that the Swedish defendant, during all previous visits to Iran, has made contacts with a number of European and non-European suspects while observing the professional principles of security and secret communication.

After another European spy was arrested in Iran a few months ago, the Swedish national once again traveled to Iran in order to gather information about the identity of the first spy and the extent and type of the intelligence that Iran had collected following the arrest, it added.

During the last mission in Iran, all of the Swedish national’s contacts with the intermediaries were controlled by the Intelligence Ministry forces, and the Swedish was ultimately arrested under a warrant before departing Iran, the statement said.


The defendant had visited the territories occupied by the Israeli regime before coming to Iran, it noted.

The ministry reiterated that Iran’s security and calm are the red lines and that it will respond to any violation of the country’s security regardless of the hullaballoo from Westerners and Israel.

Taking a swipe at Sweden for its dark record for supporting several proxy spies of the Israelis regime –including Ahmad Reza Jalali who has been convicted of espionage and playing a role in the identification and assassination of a number of Iranian nuclear scientists- and for sheltering criminal terrorists, such as the MKO terrorists, and the killers of innocent Iranian people and children in the military parade of Ahvaz, the Intelligence Ministry warned Stockholm of proportional response if it continues with the process of proxy espionage or with support for the notorious murderers and criminals.

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