Russian Ship Carrying Heavy Military Equipment, Tanks Heading To Syria


A Russian ship carrying a large supply of heavy military equipment, including tanks, is en route to the Syrian port city of Tartous as the government forces continue massive military operations in Northern Syria.

The Arabic-language Al-Youm news website quoted maritime naval observer Yoruk Isik as saying that a Russian cargo ship has passed the Bosphorus Strait en route to the Port of Tartous in Western Syria.

It noted that Russia has dispatched several vessels to Syria in the last 10 days, and said that since it is very heavy, it is most probably carrying heavy military equipment such as tanks.

Al-Youm noted that the latest delivery by the Russian Navy comes at the same time the Syrian Army conducts military operations in Idlib, Hama and Lattakia provinces.

Russia has recently increased its weapons supply deliveries to Syria since the start of the military operations in Idlib, this has proven to be incredibly important for the Syrian military as the loss of military equipment has been quickly replenished by their Russian allies.

Last week, the Syrian army managed to enter Khan Sheikhoun after five years.

In a relevant development on Thursday night, the Syrian Army continued its advances in Northwestern Syria, and managed to take full control of the strategic town of al-Tamane’ah.

The offensive to seize al-Tamane’ah comes after Syrian Army captured the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun last week.

The Arabic-language website of the Russian Sputnik news agency quoted a military source from Colonel Soheil al-Hassan forces as saying that the Syrian Army troops started bombardment of Southeastern Idlib on Thursday night.

He noted that the Syrian Army’ military operation covered farms located between the strategic town of al-Tamane’ah and the town of al-Khovein which has just been liberated.

The source said that the Syrian Army heavily pounded the terrorists’ military positions in al-Tamane’ah after bombardment of their positions.

The Syrian Army managed to make advances in the Northern direction of al-Tamane’ah after its bombardment and clashes with the terrorists.

“Meantime, two other groups of Syrian Army troops continued their military operations from the Southern and Eastern sides of al-Tamane’ah,” he noted.

The Syrian Army has laid siege on the center of al-Tamane’ah and started its raids from three directions.

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