Iran Says Ready To Strengthen Military Ties With Egypt, Libya And Tunisia


Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said that Tehran is ready to develop defense cooperation with North African countries, such as Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, according to a report by the Iranian Labour News Agency, or ILNA.

In an ILNA article, Vahidi was reported to have said Sunday that these countries are in a period of transition and after democratic systems are established in these states, Iran will not have any problem with developing any type of cooperation with them, including military ties.

Nevertheless, according to ILNA, Vahidi added that while Iran is ready to begin defense ties with these countries, “for the cooperation to materialize, the other party should also express readiness.”

Relatedly, regarding the US allegations of Iran’s role in a plot to assassinate Saudi Ambassador to Washington, Vahidi said “the move aims at sowing discord between Tehran and Riyadh in order to strengthen Washington’s role in the region,” reported ILNA.

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