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Anthony Gregory is a Research Editor at The Independent Institute. His articles have appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune, East Valley Tribune (AZ), Contra Costa Times, The Star (Chicago, IL), Washington Times, Vacaville Reporter, Palo Verde Times, and other newspapers.


Articles by Anthony Gregory :

Assad Is a Monster, But. . . OpEd

If the Obama administration steps up involvement in Syria and sends boots on the ground to support the rebels, Washington

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The Proper Focus Of Immigration Reform – OpEd

Immigration reform has seemingly become an important part of the agenda. It is good that attitudes of tolerating the presence of

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Gaza And America – OpEd

When Hamas, a quasi-state claiming to represent the Palestinians, launches rockets that predictably kill or maim everyday Israelis, destroy property,

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Don’t Despair – OpEd

If ever a president had to go, it’s Barack Obama. His progressive fascism has prolonged the recovery for four solid

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Obama And Romney: War Is Peace – OpEd

In last night’s presidential debate, both candidates claimed to run on a promise of peace and against the policies of

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Privatize Sesame Street! – OpEd


Wow, are people still talking about Big Bird? Romney said in the domestic policy debate last week that he would

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The Racist Brutality Of Stop-And-Frisk – OpEd

Every day, New York city police commit 1,800 stop-and-frisk searches. Substantially less than one percent turn up guns—the supposed justification

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The Justice System’s Imprisonment Of Innocent Citizens – OpEd

It is frequently said that a civilized people would rather let ten guilty men go free than put one innocent

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The Regulatory State’s Collateral Damage – OpEd

Senator Rand Paul appeared on the Daily Show the other night to discuss his new book, Government Bullies: How Everyday

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