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George S. Hishmeh is a Washington-based columnist.


Articles by George S Hishmeh :

Obama’s Half-Step – OpEd

Why is Benjamin Netanyahu, the right-wing Israeli prime minister, so ungracious to the United Nations, which helped create the state

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What Will Obama Whisper Into Bibi’s Ear? – OpEd

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad announced last Monday that Palestinian civil servants, numbering about 150,000, were not paid their salaries

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How Israel Can Avoid Being An Apartheid State – OpEd

The Arab Spring, which has upturned the Arab world like a tsunami, had led many in Israel and their allies

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Arab Spring: Obama Can Do Better – OpEd

For some reason or another, Barack Obama is being hesitant, certainly confusing, about revealing his followup plans, if any, for

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Mystery Of Goldstone’s April Fool’s Message – OpEd

It was definitely coincidental – but harboring many unclear scenarios – that Richard Goldstone’s infamous volte face came on April

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Netanyahu Digging His Own Grave – OpEd


The Arab tsunami that has come in the wake of the Arab Spring that saw the celebrated downfall of two

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Obama’s Next Step In Libya? – OpEd

One wonders whether the hesitance of Barack Obama to go all out against Libya’s brutal dictator, Moammar Qaddafi, may be

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A New Israeli Team?

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas took the right step in condemning in strong terms the massacre last week of a five-member

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Obama Has to Move Faster

Where is Barack Hussein Obama? Why hasn’t he done anything sooner and tangible to reassure the hundreds of thousands of

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