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Greg Palast is the author of Vultures' Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates and High-Finance Carnivores and the New York Times bestseller, "Armed Madhouse" (Penguin Paperback 2007).


Articles by Greg Palast :

Latinos: Too Lazy To Vote? – OpEd

It’s lookin’ bad for the old white guys. Eleven million Hispanic citizens remain unregistered, Americans all, and 15 million kids

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Obama At Debate: What The Hell Happened? – OpEd

What the hell happened? Did Barack have a fight with Michelle? Was it nicotine withdrawal? Do really rich guys just

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The Worst Teacher In Chicago – OpEd

This is a true story. In a school with some of the poorest kids in Chicago, one English teacher–I won’t

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Seven Ways To Beat The Ballot Bandits – OpEd

1. Don’t Don’t DON’T Mail In Your Ballot For those of you who mailed in your ballot, please tell me, what

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Fracking In Ireland And Being Dependent On Halliburton’s Mud – OpEd

On the 20th of April 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oilrig blew out in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven men

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How Bain Capital Helped BP Blow Up The Deepwater Horizon – OpEd

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A Book Review by Greg Palast, for on Poisoned Legacy: the Human Cost of BP’s Rise to Power (St.

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Arrest Of BP Scapegoat: Real Killers Walk – OpEd

The Justice Department went big game hunting and bagged a teeny-weeny scapegoat. More like a scape-kid, really. Today, Justice arrested

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The Fukushima Story You Didn’t Hear On CNN – OpEd

I’ve seen a lot of sick stuff in my career, but this was sick on a new level. Here was

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BP Settlement Sells Out Victims – OpEd

On Friday night, the lawyers for 120,000 victims of the Deepwater Horizon blow-out cut a deal with oil company BP

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