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Grigory Pasko is a Russian journalist and publisher of an environmental magazine. In November 1997 Pasko was arrested by FSB agents in Vladivostok and accused of espionage for publications on the environmental problems in the Japanese sea but found not guilty due to lack of evidence. He was found guilty of “abuse of his official position,” but released immediately under a general amnesty. He was recognized as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International. His articles appear at Robert Amsterdam's website ( and are reprinted with permission.


Articles by Grigory Pasko :

Dissent At Bolotnaya Square – OpEd

Rallies and protests, begun on December 5th following the results of the Duma elections, which took place on December 4th,

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Business As A Battlefield – OpEd

After reading a petition, my friend called me and said that the story of Vitaly Arkhangelsky, a businessman from St

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Don’t Play With Sharks – OpEd

The shark-like ways of the authorities in our country have long been known. There are myriad examples and it is

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Don’t Count On The Russian Justice System – OpEd

An Appeal to the International Community Within Russian law enforcement agencies corruption is rife, its members are highly sensitive to

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Atomic Cunning – OpEd

The seemingly endless nuclear crisis at Fukushima Dai-Ichi in Japan has raised a series of questions regarding both safety and

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Medvedev And Corruption – OpEd


Today our President Dmitry Medvedev once again spoke out against the scourge of corruption and the lack of rule of

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The Dancing Ramzan – OpEd

Out of all the regimes of the post-Soviet Republics, nobody seems to have made off with more money and power

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Russia’s Brain Drain – OpEd

It would seem I had already become accustomed to the notion that there is practically not one single corner of

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Questions To Rouse Russians From Apathy – OpEd

Against the background of the seemingly unending revolutionary uprisings across the Arab world, the nervous reaction of the Kremlin to

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