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The Portuguese Institute of International Relations and Security (IPRIS) is a non-profit and independent NGO, based in Lisbon. IPRIS is an institution dedicated to research on issues of International Relations, with particular interest regarding Portuguese foreign and defense policies.


Articles by IPRIS :

Disclosed: EU Vulnerability, Taking US Mass Surveillance Seriously After Snowden Affair – Analysis

By Bruno Oliveira Martins Over the last two months, a vast number of Mass Surveillance Systems (MSS) operated by the

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Business As Usual: Egyptian Military Kingmakers – Analysis

By Noureddine Jebnoun “Revolutionary coup”, “democratic coup”, “convenient coup”, “salutary coup”, “power change”, “popular impeachment”, “second revolutionary wave”, “corrective revolution”,

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Strategic Implications Of The War In Syria – Analysis

By Mohamed Mansour Kadah Syria bleeds and its agony is expected to drag on. It started in March 2011, when

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Georgia And The European Security Architecture Conundrum – Analysis

By Sandra Fernandes “(…) Europe is indeed a peninsula stuck on the end of Russia. However, given the globalized and

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Tunisia’s Security Syndrome – Analysis

By Noureddine Jebnoun On May 19, the Tunisian government banned Ansar al- Sharia (Supporters of Sharia), a Salafist group, claiming

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Democracy, Human Rights And Capitalism: Are They Truly Global? – Analysis


By Mohamed Mansour Kadah The current wave of globalization, which began with the end of the Cold War, is by

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After Chavez’s Death: Is Russian Presence In Venezuela At Risk? – Analysis

By Philippe Conde The death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez on March 5, the same day that Soviet premier Joseph

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Portugal And Mali: An Unwelcome Minimalist Approach – Analysis

By Paulo Gorjão In response to France’s military intervention in Mali in January, the Portuguese government issued a statement acknowledging

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India And South Korea Relations: Past And Future Trends – Analysis

By Rajaram Panda The strategic history of India with the Northeast Asia remained disjointed for almost four decades since the

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Brazil And Mexico: Latin America In-Between – Analysis

By Pedro Seabra Are Latin America’s two largest countries partners, or rivals? As simple as the question may be, when

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