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Articles by Ria Novosti :

North Korea Scales Up Yongbyon Nuclear Site’s Activities – Report

North Korea is expanding the operations of the Yongbyon nuclear site, renovating its 5 megawatt-electric (MWe) reactor to make plutonium

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Apophis Asteroid Has Slight Risk Of Striking Earth In 2068, Say Scientists

The 325-meter (1,066-foot) asteroid 99942 Apophis, that will safely fly by the Earth in 2029 and 2036, may strike the

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Russian Cyber Thief Gets Three Years In US Prison

A US court sentenced on Friday a Russian national convicted of orchestrating a cyber-fraud scheme targeting US consumers and banks

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Google Exec’s Trip To North Korea Could Signal A Rare Opportunity

By Maria Young Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson are planning a trip to

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Senate Appeals To Russia To Reconsider Adoption Law

By Maria Young The US Senate has unanimously approved a resolution condemning a new Russian law banning US citizens from

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Social Issues 

US Sperm Donor Sued For Child Support


A man in Kansas who donated his sperm to help a lesbian couple have a baby in 2009 is now

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EU Tightens Cross-Border Cash Control Regulations

Tighter regulations on the movement of cash across borders come into force across the European Union from Tuesday, Russia’s RBK

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