Rob L. Wagner is an independent journalist and former managing editor of the English-language daily newspaper Saudi Gazette in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He covered the Kingdom’s 2005 municipal council elections. He frequently writes on Arab/Islamic issues for several Middle East publications. His article archive is online at


Articles by Rob L. Wagner :

Anti-Islam Film An Exception To Free Speech Protection – OpEd

The anti-Muslim film produced by Christian extremists may have sparked the violence that spread across the Middle East and South

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American Religious Education’s Shortcomings – OpEd

California’s governor signed legislation this week that prevents businesses from segregating from the public employees wearing obvious symbols of their

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Institutionalized Islamophobia In US – OpEd

When a white supremacist gunman shot and killed six people in a Wisconsin Sikh temple last week, some Sikh community

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Romney’s Snub To Palestinians Holds Clues To His Intentions – OpEd

If Arab leaders had any doubt about the direction Mitt Romney’s foreign policy will take if he is elected president

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Muslims Have Become America’s New Demons – OpEd

In 1953, young reserve Air Force lieutenant Milo Radulovich lost his security clearance for maintaining a “close and continuing relationship”

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Jittery Israel Needs To Resist Military Aggression – OpEd


It’s absolutely mind-boggling how clueless Israel and its Western allies are about the current climate in the Middle East. With

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Romney’s Foreign Policy Team Should Alarm Middle East – OpEd

THE US government may have a penchant for adventures on foreign soil and blind loyalty to Israel, but the American

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Saudi Women Target Guardianship Laws To Ease Employment Restrictions

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – When Shroog Talal Radain sought employment as a teacher’s assistant at King Abdulaziz University, her husband

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Saudi Arabia’s Municipal Elections: Tough Lessons Learned from Islamic Conservatives – Analysis

The Sept. 29 municipal elections in Saudi Arabia mark the second round of polling in six years and the third

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