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Sameer Jafri is an India-based political analyst. He usually writes on global and geopolitical issues. He can be reached at- [email protected]


Articles by Sameer Jafri :

Iran: Why War Is Not An Option – OpEd

A deadlock persists between Iran and the West over the controversial Iranian nuclear program. Even though another round of talks

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Changing Geometrics Of Asia-Pacific And Containment Of China – Analysis

Asia-Pacific, as the name suggests, refers to a large part of the earth, where countries and continents surround the vast

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Gas And Geopolitics: Prospects For Russia – Analysis

Energy has always been at the centre stage of constantly changing geopolitical contours of the world. Since energy resources, i.e.

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India’s Water Woes: Is Interlinking Viable? – Analysis

India, a country of over 1.2 billion, is faced with acute water shortage. Future would be worse if this crisis

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Japan And Russia: Lessons From Each Other – OpEd

Russia is about 40 times bigger than Japan in areal extent; still they both complement each other in many ways.

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Rise Of The SCO – Analysis


Formed in 2001, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) presently accounts for 60% of the landmass of Eurasia and a quarter

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TAPI Pipeline: A win-win for all

Central Asia has always been a region of great significance. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, importance of this

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India-Russia: Friends Forever

It all began in 1955 with Indian Prime Minister Nehru’s maiden visit to the erstwhile Soviet Union and Khrushchev’s reciprocal

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Dragon and Elephant: Complicated Neighbourhood

Year 2010 marks sixty years of diplomatic relationship between India and China. Though the relations between the two go back

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