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Sami Moubayed is editor-in-chief of Forward Magazine in Syria. He is also a writer, political analyst, and historian, based in Damascus. His articles on Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria appear regularly in The Daily Star, Asia Times, Al-Hayat, Gulf News, al-Ahram Weekly, and The Washington Post. He lectures frequently at the Assad National Library on the founding years of the Syrian Republic, in association with the Friends of Damascus Society and appears regularly on Syrian TV, Al-Jazeera, and BBC.


Articles by Sami Moubayed :

Arab Spring Is Blessing In Disguise For Hamas – Analysis

On November 11, entire neighbourhoods in the Palestinian camps of Damascus were decorated with photos of Yasser Arafat, marking the

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Preparing For A Sunni Arab Spring In Baghdad – Analysis

Moves by an Iraqi Sunni-dominated province to demand autonomy from Baghdad and rumors of coup d’etat led by Ba’athists have

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A Saudi Game Of Musical Chairs – Analysis

The death of Saudi Crown Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul-Aziz could not have come at a better time for Saudi Arabia.

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Why Memoirs Matter In The Arab Spring – Analysis

King Abdullah II of Jordan’s new book, Our Last Best Chance: The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril,

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Lebanon: Tribunal Obsession Ruining Hezbollah – Analysis

While the world’s attention is focused on Egypt, Libya and Syria, the Lebanese are still locked into their internal rivalries,

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iSad In Damascus: Syrians Reclaim Steve Jobs – Analysis


During the years of French Mandate Syria, Abdulfattah Jandali was born to a large landowning family in the midland town

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An Offer Syria Shouldn’t Have Refused – Analysis

The recent Arab League plan for Syria has aroused more than a stir in Damascus. The league’s new secretary general,

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Writing A New Syrian Constitution – Analysis

Ask anybody in the Syrian opposition or intelligentsia about political change in Syria, and they would say that Article 8

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Jewel In The Crown Of The Arab Spring – Analysis

The Arab Spring has given an interesting twist to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Young Arabs on the streets of major capitals

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