The Syria News Wire is written from Damascus and London. It was the fourth Syrian blog to appear on the internet – back in 2004. It is a Lonely Planet favourite, and award nominated, Toot-ified blog.


Articles by Syria News Wire :

Syrian Opposition To Meet In Turkey: May 31 – June 2 – OpEd

Opposition groups and activists are planning to meet in in Antalya, Turkey from May 31 to June 2 in an

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Syria Moves Towards Resolving Its ‘Kurdish Problem’ – OpEd

One of the most embarrassing things about Syria has been the pre-Baath denial of rights to Kurdish citizens. But that

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The Syrian President Speaks – OpEd

It was to be The King’s Speech. The words that could turn the situation around, or seal his fate. After

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CNN’s Octavia Nasr Under Fire For Hezbollah comment

CNN’s Senior Editor of Middle East Affairs, Octavia Nasr, is coming under increasing pressure for a comment she made on

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