Tehreem Fatima is a final semester BS International Relations student at the University Of Balochistan, Quetta. She aspires to be an independent researcher to expand her knowledge and writing abilities. She also serves as an executive member of Balochistan arm of Human Rights Council of Pakistan. Her area of research interests include; Political economy, Cyber warfare, Nuclearization, and Defense and strategic studies.


Articles by Tehreem Fatima :

A New Dawn For Iran-Saudi Arabia Relations – OpEd

The Middle East’s geopolitical landscape has long been defined by the complex and often contentious relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia. These two regional powerhouses have historically found themselves on opposing sides of different conflicts, striving for influence and establishing their supremacy. Recent events, however, have indicated a potential shift in the dynamics between the two countries, which might affect not just their bilateral relations but also the future of Iran’s nuclear programme.The relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia has thawed noticeably in recent years. Both countries have shown a

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