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Qatar Follows Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Recalls Ambassador To Iran


Qatar recalled its ambassador to Iran on Wednesday, state news agency QNA said.

Qatar’s allies, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, cut their ties with Tehran following attacks on Saudi missions by Iranian protesters, angered by the execution of Shia political dissident Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

Al-Nimr was among 47 people executed for “terrorist activity” in Saudi Arabia on Saturday. He was a prominent Shia cleric and had studying in Iran for over a decade.

“The ministry summoned this morning Qatar’s ambassador to Tehran against the backdrop of attacks on the embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Tehran…,” the agency quoted Khalid Ibrahim Abdulrahman Al-Hamar, the director of the Asian Affairs Department, as saying.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Sudan have all removed their ambassadors from Iran. UAE has changed their diplomatic status, downgrading the current Iranian ambassador to a “charge d’affaires.”

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Arab News

Arab News

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