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India is a diverse country with a rich history and culture. It is home to a large number of ethnic, linguisitic and religious groups. However, the situation of minorities in India has been a matter of concern for many years, with these minority groups facing discrimination, marginalization and violence. 

Like other minorities Sikhs too had been persecuted and oppressed but many Sikhs managed to escape the indian atrocities to various parts of the world and been successful in informing the world community about the excessive oppression and suppression by the Indian government and Hindu community. 

The internationalization of Khalistan movement kicked off in 1990’s as Sikhs decided not to surrender to Indian military might and started political and social struggle for their rights and homeland. The movement is gaining support from different global as well as regional organizations. On 22 May 2022, US State of Connecticut passed a resolution in open support for Khalistan movement. The resolution irked Indian establishment. Khalistan is globally recognized movement having largest support base in Canada. Not only Canada, Khalistan supporters are present in every part of the world and highlighting the legitimate concerns of Sikh community. In so-called world’s largest democratic and constitutionally secular India Sikhs are still deprived of their constitutional and democratic right for self-determination.

For this US-based Sikhs for justice(SFJ) organization and Sikh Diaspora have devised wider strategy of pursuing international community to recognized their right of self-determination and in order to achieve their legitimate right Sikhs across the world have been successful in transforming their movement at the international level despite all of hindrance and attempt of stopping the referendum in US, Canada, Australia and various cities of Britain regardless of india having good relations with all of these countries. 

After successfully conducting referendum in worlds major cities Sikhs For Justice has plan of sharing results of referendum with United Nations, Major Worlds’ powers and other international platform and institutions as they are a separate community in India by all means which is indicative of the fact that every Sikh desires to have an independent homeland for Sikhs.

Confidently, Sikhs intend to have their right of self-determination sooner than later and they are also determined that their voice cannot be suppressed any more as they have already shown the world and the indian govt. that their voice cannot be suppressed because Sikhs have of the view that if global community believes in a free and democratic society that respects fundamental and universal concepts like democracy, freedom of expression, human rights, respect for the rule of law and the rights of the individual, then surely they also believe in the right of different peoples to determine for themselves.

Recent, upsurge and intensive momentum in Khalistan Movement have been seen not only by the Sikhs’ actively and energetically campaign for their self-determination, conducted successful referendum in united states, Canada, Australia and the Indian Punjab under Sikhs for Justice organization but also the inhumane and undemocratic stance against the Khalistan Movement, viewing it as a threat to country’s unity and integrity. Further, the government has used a combination of measures, including military force, intelligence operations, and political measures to counter the movement which was completely against the spirit of democracy. As  Franklin D. Roosevelt said that “No democracy can long survive which does not accept as fundamental to its very existence the recognition of the rights of miniorities”.  That’s why top Sikhs leadership in India and elsewhere in the world has reached a consensus, “India is a fascist state which believes in the supremacy of Hindus only and doesn’t tolerate other religious minorities. 

In conclusion, the demand for a Khalistan referendum has raised several issues and implications for India and Pakistan. The demand for self-determination is a legitimate one, but it is important to ensure that it is carried out in a peaceful and democratic manner.  The demand for a Khalistan referendum has been met with a mixed response in India. While some people believe that it is a legitimate demand and that Sikhs should have the right to self-determination, others see it as a threat to India’s unity and integrity. 

Asad Ali

Asad Ali is an Islamabad based expert of South Asian Affairs

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  • March 23, 2023 at 5:43 pm

    Yes they should get Khalistan with Lahore as the capital


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